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Dr. Vácziné Dr. Lipták Laura Martina

Váczi law firm
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In 2015 Dr. Vácziné Dr. Lipták Laura Martina participated in the National Criminal Law Debate Competition organized by ELTE-ÁJK in the prosecution category and as an opponent in the Criminal Law Section of the Section of Political Science and Law of the XXXII OTDK.

In 2016, she spent her traineeship at the Győr Regional Court.

Available in English and German.

Her specialization covers the areas of law firm practice, in particular company law and criminal law.

Her main publication: Public prosecutor and public interest. In: András Lapsánszky – Péter Smuk – Péter Szigeti (eds.): Public Interest, Theoretical and Professional Solutions to a Classical Problem. Gondolat, Budapest, 2017.