Accident at work?
Injured in a road accident?
Have you suffered a permanent disability because of an accident?
Lost a loved one? 

When you have been injured, or worse, lost a loved one to an accident or negligence, you need a personal injury attorney who pursue the maximum settlement or judgment on your behalf. An injury caused by a car accident, a slip and fall incident, animal bites, or another negligent act can cost you a great deal in terms of medical expenses and lost wages, not to mention the additional cost of dealing with the emotional pain caused by a traumatic experience.

In such cases, not only the person who caused the accident or the employer, but also the insurer of the person who caused the accident, is liable, so you do not have to face the problem of the person who caused the accident being unable or unwilling to pay. The insurer will therefore pay compensation for the accident if the injured party had insurance. In the case of road accidents, all cars must have compulsory third party liability insurance, so it is simpler here. 

Our law firm provides effective assistance in negotiating with the insurers, mainly by seeking an out-of-court settlement, but also by representing the client in court if necessary.