Our Law Office is a member of the Law Firms, a national network of real estate lawyers

One of the basic ideas behind the creation of the Law Firms network was to enable lawyers to use their experience in legal practice not only in the conclusion of real estate sales contracts, but also in the sale of real estate on the market. Our law firm started its real estate agency activities in Győr and Tata with this in mind.

Why choose us?
5 reasons to choose a real estate agency with a lawyer.

    1. You need a lawyer for selling or buying a real estate anyway
The process of buying a property almost always ends with the lawyer drafting, countersigning and submitting the sales contract to the land registry, i.e. handling the legal side of the sale. Why not start the process with your lawyer by entrusting him with the real estate agency? This way the whole process is in one hand, simplifying the administration for all parties involved.

    2. Legal qualifications, experience
Our lawyers have studied the rules of real estate law and contract law at university level and have deepened this theoretical knowledge through years of experience in a wide range of real estate cases, which you can rely on when selling or buying a property. Our law firm can carry out a full inspection of the property before it is advertised, both legally (possible charges, utility or other debts, etc.) and, if required, technically, in cooperation with our technical partner. In this way, the buyer does not start the inspection of the property at the seller’s request and at his own risk, but on the basis of a prior due diligence.

    3. Insurance
All lawyers are members of the Bar Association which supervises their activities and are required to maintain a permanent liability insurance policy in respect of their activities, including real estate brokerage. In the event of a fault, the insurer will pay.

    4. Procedure in accordance with ethical rules
Lawyers must also comply with the rules of ethics and conduct laid down in the rules of the Bar Association in their activities as real estate agents. If the client feels that his case has been handled in an unfair manner, he can take legal action against the Bar Association.

    5. Realistic prices
Despite the fact that our real estate agency services are provided with legal expertise and liability insurance, our fees are not higher than market prices, and if you entrust us with the process of concluding the real estate sales contract, you can even get a better deal!